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Fashion Fall Trends 2015

MILAN, Italy — The elusive Giambattista Valli is not easy to catch. He is too busy single-handedly running his independent maison, and coming up with a different collection every month of the year: two for couture, four for Giambattista Valli ready to wear, four for his year-old line Giamba and two for Moncler Gamme Rouge where he serves as creative director. Valli is an authentic, restless workaholic with the agenda of a designer who wants to stay at the top of the game while playing it to his own rules — i.e. financing his own work with other work, no investor needed. Valli makes every possible effort in order to be his own boss, “I could not do otherwise, at least for the moment,” he concedes.

Global Brands For Models

Global Brands Holding — One of the world’s leading branded fashion accessories and lifestyle product has acquired the owner of the Planet Sox brand of socks, tights and accessories. The acquired business will be a core addition to Global Brands’ accessories business.

Video Post Format

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Donec Porta & Puerta

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United States & Plaid Mades

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